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Cool Snapchat tricks for Android and iOS

With our clever Snapchat, tricks can use users of popular photo photos not only sending messenger app and see, but also some hidden functions. We reveal the best Snapchat tips and tricks, how to get more out of his Snapchat account significantly!

Snapchat use tricks and turn on extra options

The Snapchat app offers the ability to send funny snapshots that are visible only for a short time and then evaporate to friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Every day approximately 700 million photos and videos via Snapchat will be sent. After downloading Snapchat, the user should turn once the advanced features. To do this, clicking on settings, additional services and manage. After that, various extra options and filters are available, which go well beyond the standard capabilities. In the following our selection of the five coolest Snapchat tricks:

Snapchat tricks

Trick No. 1: 10-seconds limit videos crack

Who uses the iOS version of Snapchat, you can crack the 10-second limit on videos and record longer movies. To do this, type after the start of video recording the user twice on the home screen and enters the multitasking view. Only after returning to the app stops the recording of videos. However the recorded movie can not sent out full length to friends.

Trick No. 2: paint and write in black and white

As you know, the user can freely by hand painting his snapshots and label. The color palette can be in more colors iPhone app, which cannot be seen. White and black are missing first apparently. Who wants to paint in white, driving with his finger in the color column only to top and then to the upper-left corner of the display. Similarly, in black, it goes down. Android-Snapchatter can also paint with transparent colors, hold the finger so long on the color column until a new window can be seen.

Snapchat tricks colors

Trick No. 3: increase number of “best friends”

Quick and easy the Snapchatter changes the displayed number of best friends. It’s those individuals with whom one exchanges the most pictures and videos. The list can be extended on request freely. Leads the way for this setting, additional services, and manage. Here, the option number is best friends to determine how many of the own buddies should be displayed.

Trick No. 4: Zoom for the own video recordings

If you miss a zoom for the own video recordings, wipes when recording a movie simply with a second finger on the display upwards. As a result, that the camera zooming closer to the subject. Conversely the whole thing goes with a swipe down, to decrease the zoom according to specifications.

Snapchat tricks filter

Filter use trick # 5: Ortsbasierte

The last of our Snapchat tricks revolves around the filter. Three colour filters are not enough, which can use location-based filter for the photos. This selects the Snapchat user in the manage and filter enable settings. It needs Snapchat app access to your GPS data and the location. Interesting information such as weather, speed, time, or the place of the recording can be displayed as.’

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